31 March 2009

Swan Falls

Mike and I rafted across the Snake River to explore what the other side of Swan Falls has to offer in the game of bouldering. We only had a few hours but it was a fun little adventure! Here is a photo of myself on a new problem called Pullulater V3 on the grasslands boulder. After we reached the other side of the river, it was interesting - it was as if in the recent past farming existed on this land. You could see old irrigation rows if you looked hard as well as a few old ditches.

Mike McClure took this photo and used one single strobe flash (he really wants to get another one to fill in the shadows though)
I love this shot because of the golden colors of the background and how the lines in photo all come together with the subject. The horizon, the rock outline...pretty cool.

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Bob and Robin said...

Hi Tammy,
You're right about the lines taking your eye to the subject of the photo - You! Good photo. Keep it up.